Following the declaration from the World Health Organisation (WHO) formally stating the COVID-19 or Corono virus is now a Global Pandemic, there is a growing uncertainty over the impact and length of time we will be feeling the effects of this on an economical scale, and ultimately on how we go about in our daily lives, including continuing to play football.

As many of you are FFA have postponed the start of all grass roots football (all training, trial and competition games) to Tuesday 14 April, 2020 with competition fixtures expected to start Friday- Sunday 1-3 May, 2020. We anticiapted the 11 a side club based season will be cancelled for 2020.

Super 6 Soccer 6 a side Autumn comps at Maroubra and Croydon  have already been cancelled and refunded.

We hope we can get back to playing football once this virus is under control or eradicated by September 2020.We will monitor the situation and update you about our next comps if and when governemnet restrictions are lifted and its safe to play again.

Thank you for your understanding

Leo Cirillo


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Online petition Super 6 Soccer online petition to renew lease at Centenary Park, Croydon

See our newest video footage of our last Spring comp and Croydon - THIS is WHAT its all about! Kids, Outdoors, Well organised, FUN, Social, Well Planned, CERTAIN and SECURED by a lease thats now not been renewed for no reason




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Super 6 Soccer - Inner West Council refuses to renew lease without reason!
Inner West Council- refuses to renew our lease of Centenary Park croydon- without consideration of what locals want.

Please help us with our online petition to ensure this comp thats been at Centenary Park, Croydon for 16 years and continues to provide Super 6 Soccer to the local inner west community for years to come!  530 locals have laready signed the petition- help us get to 1000

We already have massive support from current and previous particpants who want this very popular comp to continue in its current format.A lease format gives us and our participants including families enough time well in advance to get there teams organised.

Councils own recreational needs study says locals are time poor and want sport that is well run and quick. Families want organised well structured sport so they can play with their mates and get off the screens! Our existing lease provides CERTAINTY! 

Help us by signing the petition


Super 6 Soccer online petition to renew lease at Centenary Park, Croydon

This is about giving locals a comp thats secure, is organised well in advance and fits the needs of local families.


Leo Cirillo

Founder Super 6 Soccer since 1997


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Our 2019 Autumn comps start soon

Our new series of autumn adult super 6 soccer summer comps are about to kick off!

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