Croydon 6 a side comp- we are looking for 1 under 7 or under 7 teams to join our comp.

We are also looking for 1 under 9 or 10 teams to join our comp -

please call leo on 0414970769  if you have a team of either 6 players for the under 6 or 7 team or 7 players for for under9 or under 10 team. Call to discuss if you want to register a team in these 2 categories

Spring comps will go ahead. (w/c 25 Oct)- Still accepting registrations- You can still register your team - Registration is reopen- 

20% of any new Junior team that registers for Kareela comp- uniforms supplied 

20% of any new u6-u9 Junior team that registers for Maroubra comp - uniforms supplied

30% off rego for adult teams at Kareela and Maroubra!

20% of any new u6-u13 team that registers for our Croydon comp

Go online at register your team

Quality Full Strips/uniforms for juniors to play in (shirt shorts and socks. Active kids vouchers accepted during registration.

Croydon comp only a few places left email us!

Register you team now and save! Over 150 teams registered accross all our comps!

16 plus must be fully vaccinated to play . 

5 to 15 year olds can play unvaccinated. 

Com details summary or go to the location tabs.

Croydon- 27 Oct- 22 Dec. Games will be played on mostly on Wednesdays and some other days/ venues to ensure we complete the spring comp by 22 Dec. Games will be at Ashfield Park, Ashfield and Flockhart Park, Croydon Park.

The summer adult comp will run from 5 Jan- 30 Mar.

Maroubra- 26/27 oct 30% of for all adult teams that register for our spring comp. New Junior team registrations- u6-u9  20% off. Our Tuesday night adult spring comp will also include a few Wednesday or Friday nights depending on the final start dates . The additional nights will allow completion of spring comp by 21 Dec.

Our Wednesday night junior boys and girls and adult mixed comps will also include games on Fridays to ensure we get 10 rounds/ semis and finals in by 22 Dec 2021 as we cannot access the ground on Wed nights from January. See location tabs for proposed schedule.

Adult 2nd summer Tuesday comp will rund from 25 Jan- 12 April

Kareela - Our Monday night spring comp will run over spring and summer from 25 October- 20 Dec (break 21 Dec 24/31 Jan- 14 Mar. Most games will be played before xmas. See location tab for expected fixture dates based on our final start date. 30% off adult comps extra 20% off junior comps for new teams  full strip for all junior teams

The usual summer adult West Epping comp will go ahead 13 Dec- 21 Mar.

All adults players 16 and over need to be fully vaccinated to particpate in our comps as per NSW health orders. Under 16 can play regardless of vaccination.

Only spectators that are fully vaccinated will be able to attend games.  - Registration for all our comps remain open! Click on the following to register

If your thinking of registering and need a little bit more time contact us on address to Leo 

Registrations for juniors .- Remain open

Teams that have already registered will be contacted by 19 Oct.





Fixtures Results and Tables

Weather Box and other stuff! 






Help us with our bid to renew our long term lease at Centenary Park Croydon

Online petition Super 6 Soccer online petition to renew lease at Centenary Park, Croydon

NEW 6 A SIDE COMPS START late Oct 2021

You can still register your team for our new spring comps at Croydon, Maroubra Kareela and West Epping

Last year we were oversubscribed for these comps. Dont wait till Dec- start now!

Get a team of your mates together and continue to play over the summer season with the first and best 6 a side comp in Australia!

Spring Comp 1

Croydon -Almost full- still accepting registrations

Junior comp -We will accept any junior team u6 -u15 girls or boys teams- 1 Under 16 boys teams- 2 under 17/18 boys and 2 under 17/18 girls teams , 

Adult comp- Will accept up to 3 adult mixed teams, 1 or 2 over 35/45 mens low grade team 1 over 35 womens tea, 1 all age mens team



Still accepting teams-across all age categories- 30%off adult team registrations games play Tuesday Wed and some Fridays to start off with


Kareela registrations -will now close between Sat 15 Oct - Teams have a few more days to get into the comps.  Extra 10% off junior regos plus full cigno strip to play in shirt shorts socks-  plus 30% off adult comps- Accepting teams accross all age categories Games played Monday eveings at Kareela oval synthetic- starting Monday 25 Oct. dont wait till Dec start now!!!




Summer Comp 2 Croydon, Maroubra, and West Epping will close 24 Oct.

For all the  details on each comp including rego fees, discounts, playing times etc go to the loaction tabs

Only full team entries -  sorry no singles



New 6 a side comps start early Sep 2021

 2021 Spring announcement- Super  Early Bird rego now open closes 10 July

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Spring comp team regos now open

Get your team together now and register for our new 2020 spring comps.

Registrations open 3 August 2020

Junior and adult 6 a side comps

Last season we were oversubscribed (see some action in our video on left)

Most popular and best value comp in Sydney

Register your team save on 3 August 2020! 





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