Still taking teams for our spring comps at all venues!!! You have just been told that your club based comp does not have enough teams!!! We can help you out! email us at or call us on 0414970769 so your team can play!!

You can still get your junior or adult team registered across all our comps

  • Maroubra: We will accept adult mens or women team, under 12 boys team or an under 8 or under 9  boys or girls team or under 8 or 9 mixed team- email us at
  • Croydon: Taking any teams that want to register- rego is till open- go online and register or email us at
  • Kareela: Will accept under 10 boys under 15/16 boys teams all age men or over 35 men- may consider other categories- email us at


Adult mixed comps on offer at Kareela, Maroubra and Croydon

Free team shirt offer for any new adult teams that register for our spring comps (See below) must register before close off dates.

Kareela oval comp, adult mixed teams, all age men or womens mens teams, over 35 mens over 30 womens.

Maroubra Heffron Park comp, adult mixed, all age mens, adult mixed or over 35 mens teams.


Active Kids Vouchers now accepted!

Over 45 womens comp at Croydon!!! Now happening!

Women over 45s comp at Croydon! We currently have a viable comp ready to kick off in September for an over 45 womens comp- We have 5 teams registered. Want to play against women your age- look no further and register your team now here!!

New 2019 spring/summer comp registration closes soon!

Registration extended- see close off dates below

Kicks off early September  (about 4 weeks away) at Croydon, Maroubra, Kareela, Castle Hill. 

All teams need to get all their players registered by the cut off dates.  Junior players not registered (and paid) will not get their playing kits before the first game. 

Registration close off dates- now all extended, giving teams a bit more time to get everybody registered and give late teams a bit more time to come in!!)  

We have over 300 teams registered across all our Sydney locations!

Last year we were over subscribed and had to close early. Register your team now so you dont miss out. Come and play in the best and most popular comp in Sydney- Super 6 Soccer.

Start the ball rolling by registering yourself or your child and send the rego link to get your team mates to join as well.

Fixtures Results and Tables

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Active kid vouchers- NOW ACCEPTED!!!!

Super 6 Soccer has just become a provider 

Our systems are not  in place to plug in voucher numbers. We will now redeem vouchers retrospectively and provide part refunds to those that submit them after they register.

An email will be sent to all junior teams about how we intend to process the active kids vouchers

If you have been waiting to enter your team- nows the time to come in and save with the rebate.

Thanks for your patience 

updated 13 Aug 2019







2019 New 6 a side comps - Registration still now open! Some discounts still apply 
Come and play in the best comp in Sydney

Junior comps include (u6-u18 boys and girls) 

Adult comps include all age men, women, mixed, over 35 men, over 30 women, over 45 men

Don't play against your own club teams, come and play in and independent comp where teams from all over come and play. Use it as a once a week social get together with your friends or as training session to hone your fitness and skills. Much more fun playing others than your own team mates.

While you wait check out our photos of the 100's of teams that have participated in the past 20 years and more recently across all our venues

See location tabs for more info and rego fees.

"Play in the comp you know and trust can deliver"! -Super 6 Soccer

Spring comp team regos now open

Get your team together now and register for our spring comps.

Junior and adult 6 a side comps

Last season we were oversubscribed.  

Most popular and best value comp in Sydney

Register your team now and save! 




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Our 2019 Autumn comps start soon

Our new series of autumn adult super 6 soccer summer comps are about to kick off!

Registrations are about to close.

There is still time to register your team!

Over 300 teams participated in our 2018/19 spring and summer comps!

Come back and play with the comp you know can deliver!

Professionally run 6-a side soccer comps



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