New Registration system   

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But before you do ..... read below  

You need to create an account first, and your email has to be verified- to organise (create) a team, play or have your children play

To set up an account for yourself you need to submit your full legal name, date of birth, digital photo and email address (the email addresss will be used for communication updates). If you are going to claim an active kids voucher the name you put in the registration needs to be the same as the name on the active kids voucher. Make sure you put the correct date of birth

You will  then get an email sent to you automatically to verify your email address - you need to click on the link in the email to verify- you will then be able to go into your account.

 Junior teams 

Option 1 (Individuals pay for themselves)

  • One adult/Parent/Guardian sets up an account as a non- playing organiser. Creates team, puts in childs details, submits active kids voucher (if available) pays for your child.
  • Team organiser returns to team page, obtains team link and code - sends to other parents to join team.
  • Invited parents set up their account then use join code to bring up team, select the registration product and put in active kids voucher (if available) then pay.
  • A junior team is registered and accepted into comp once the minimum requirement of 8 players have registered and paid (7 for u6/7 teams). A
  • All submitted active kids vouchers are non returnable or refundable if comps get cancelled.  

Oranisers can set up more than one team but need to log out and log back in to their accounts to set up new teams.  If you are a team organiser for a junior team you also  need to log out and come back in  to set up a a new team.

It is important you use their full legal name to be able to claim the Active Kids voucher.

You will receive an email to activate your account. You can log back with your created user name or email and password to start a team registration. If you dont see get the email - check your junk email.

  When registering:  

  • Don't leave the rego page, you will lose your entries (try not to use back buttons or go back on your browser)
  • If you are an invited player use the link/code recieved to register,you can go directly to portal to register into a team

 Comp info (see T&C's and Rules for more including active kids vouchers and refunds )  

  • New Covid-19 Rulesand regulations apply
  • All players must be registered to play
  • Refunds will not be given if a player stops playing for whatever reason.
  • You cannot have another player take over a registration of a player who has decided to stop playing (ie if injured).
  • You can register additional players before the 4th round of games.
  • Super 6 Soccer has the final say if a team can or cannot participate in its competition.
  • Super 6 soccer can expel (without refund) any player or team on the spot at any time during the comeptition for any violent behaviour or non-conforming registration related issue relating to its team, members of team and its spectators. 
  • We can refund or return used active kids vouchers 


Column1 Steps in registering a new junior team (Single individual invite/ registration/payment method)
1 Team organiser goes to registration portal via       Or clicks on available registration links on Super 6 Soccer website on registration pages
2 Must create an account- gets verified then can use registration portal
3 Click "Registration" rectangle button
4 Click "New Registration"  rectangle button
5 Select "Create Team" radio button"
6 Select "Location" radio button
7 Select division radio button
8 Enter a team name
9 Select organiser only if you a creating a junior team
10 Add a player to this team by hitting add player rectangle button"
11 Select registration type " Individual" radio button- don’t select "team" radio button
12 Click on "Choose registration player" rectangle button- next to your players name
13 Click on the relevant registration that appears in the pop up box - "green select button"
14 Choose your players shirt shorts and socks sizes using the drop down menu
15 Click on yellow button "Save registration and pay"
16 Add in your child's active kids voucher (if its valid will reduce the fee) note the voucher is non returnable or refundable once submitted at this stage.
17 Click on the yellow button " Redeem vouchers and finalise payment"
18 Use the PayPal Checkout yellow button to pay- PayPal account or credit card.
19 Go to "My Teams "and in the invite section- click on "Action" button - select get join code drop down.
20 Copy team join link and email it to your parents to register their kids into team - note the link has the join code at the end of the link.
21 Parents must set up and ensure they verufy their accounts before using the join/code link to register their child.
22 Select registration option- choose shirt, short and sock sizes
23 Hit save registration and pay yellow button
24 Add in your child's active kids voucher (if its valid will reduce the fee) note the voucher is non returnable or refundable once submitted at this stage.
25 Click on the yellow button " Redeem vouchers and finalise payment"
26 Use the Checkout yellow button to pay- or credit card from Square or Paypal
27 All payments will get a receipt of payment via email from Square/PayPal and Super 6 Soccer
28 Once a minimum of 8 players are registered and paid your team is accepted into the competition. (7 players for under u6's and u7s)