Game Times  (West Epping)

Adult summer comp will be run on the 3 Tuesdays in Dec 2020 then Mondays till 15 March


All junior and comps in our Spring 2020 

Comp will be run on a Monday at Eric Mobbs Reserve  for adult teams and junior under 6 to under 9 boys and girls and Tuesday at Ted Horwood Reserve Baulkham Hills for under 12's to under 14s boys and girls.

 Be early and register your team as we expect to fill quickly.

  • Game times may vary depending on the number of teams in each age group
  • Junior games are 30 minutes (2x15 minute halves), swap at half time.  
  • U8 and up play with keeper on regular super 6 size field 48x30 (6 on field)
  • U6/u7 teams play without keeper on half fields 30 x 24m (with smaller goals) - 5 on field 

Junior game KO venues and times (aprox) 

Junior Category Approx Times (pm)  
Mixed u6 u7 u8 u9  boys or girls 5.20-5.50- Tuesday Eric Mobbs Reserve
Boys or girls  u10, u11,  5.20 pm -Tuesday - Eric Mobbs Reserve
Boys or Girls, u12 6.05 Tuesday -Eric Mobbs Reserve
Boys or Girls  u13, u14  6.40 Tuesday -Eric Mobbs  Reserve


  • Adult games are 34 minutes (2x17 minute halves), with a straight swap at half time.
  • Game times are 6.40pm, 7.20pm, 8.00pm and 8.40pm 
  • Game times for adults are allocated on a random basis and are spread across all the time slots.
  • Adults play on regulation super 6 fields – 48x30m