Game Times  (West Epping)


Comp game Day 

Comp 2- Dec-Mar -Monday evenings (6.45pm-9.40pm). 


  • Game times may vary depending on the number of teams in each age group
  • Junior games are 30 minutes (2x15 minute halves), swap at half time.  
  • U8 and up play with keeper on regular super 6 size field 48x30 (6 on field)
  • U6/u7 teams play without keeper on half fields 30 x 24m (with smaller goals) - 5 on field 


Junior game KO times (aprox) 

Junior Category Approx Times (am)  
Mixed u6 u7 u8 u9  girls u10 boys u10 8.30-9.05
Boys  u10, u11, u12 9.05-9.40
Girls u10, u11, u12 9.45-10.20
Boys u13, u14 u 15 u16/17/18 10.25-10.55
Girls u13, u14 u 15 u16/17/18 11.05-11.40


 Adult game KO times (approx)


  • Adult games are 34 minutes (2x17 minute halves), with a straight swap at half time.
  • Spring comp -Game times are 9.30am, 10.15am, 10.55am. 
  • Summer comp-Game times are 6.45pm, 7.25pm, 8.05pm.
  • Game times for adults are allocated on a random basis and are spread across all the time slots.
  • Adults play on regulation super 6 fields – 48x33m